Pics Around DC

Taking Pictures with The Monuments

Washington DC is an absolutely beautiful city with many spectacular monuments. Lucky enough for us, a lot of those monuments are on the $5, $10, $20, and $50 dollar bill! I would definitely make this a fun little adventure to do while you are in DC. These four locations aren't far from each other, so it is a relatively easy task to accomplish (if you don't mind people staring at you while you try and get the darn bill to line up!).

In descending order, we have the $50 dollar bill first. On the back of the bill is one of the most iconic buildings in America, the Capitol Building. The best way to take a picture of the Capital Building is to walk over to "the mall" (it's not a shopping mall! It's the open grass area next to the Capitol Building with museums on either side of it). Once you’ve arrived at the mall go over and stand in the middle of one of the walkways through the grass. Gauge the distance until you’ve found the sweet spot then start clicking away! You might have to readjust a couple of times, but don’t worry that amazing Instagram pic is worth it!

Next, we have the $20 dollar bill. Hopefully everyone, even people who are from other countries, should at least recognize this building. It’s the White House! A lot of people make the mistake of going over to the south lawn area of the White House to take their picture. No no no no no no! Do NOT do that. You are too far away in my opinion to take a decent picture, and there are many things in the way that distract from your photo as well. Instead go over to the cobblestone street where the Renwick Gallery is. Position yourself right in the middle of the street and take your perfect picture! Keep in mind though that this part outside of the White House is ALWAYS busy with other people taking pictures, protests, and or huge tour groups going by. So you might have to wait a few minutes for the perfect spot to open up for your picture. But trust me it’s worth the wait! Oh, and by the way, the Renwick Gallery is a very nice to place to see too (and it’s free!). When you’re done taking your ultimate Instagram pic, if you have time I would definitely take a look at the Renwick Gallery as well.

Up next we have the magnificent $10 dollar bill with Mr. Hamilton’s face gracing the front. But today we’re not interested in the front of the bill, we want to find the place on the back! Thankfully it’s not too far from the White House. The Treasury Building is also in downtown DC! When you arrive at the building, you might be a little confused as to which side you should take your picture from. But don’t worry! Go to the south patio area of the Treasury Building and look for the bronze statue of Mr. Alexander Hamilton himself. Once you see the man, you know you’re in the right place! Now all you have to do is find the perfect distance to line up your bill and you are good to go!

Last but certainly not least, we have to $5 dollar bill! Abraham Lincoln adorns the front of the bill, while his monument is on the back. The Lincoln Memorial is arguably one of the most popular spots in all of DC (for good reason!). So it might be kind of hard to take a picture with just the bill and the monument. But don’t worry all the people in the shot adds character, in my humble opinion. All you have to do to take this wonderful shot is to walk by the reflecting pool and walk up the stairs to the memorial until you’ve got just the right balance of bill and building. Then you know what to do!

Now after all that is said and done, you’ll have completed your quest for some amazing pictures form Washington DC. If you still have some energy after going through the list, there are still plenty of places to see in DC! I would highly recommend going to the Washington Monument next.


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